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An ISFJ’s Thoughts on 2021

The Joy In Wellness
2 min readFeb 13, 2021

This evening, I’m finding that this year is my transition period. Meaning, the things that I’ve wanted to come to fruition for a long time are finally becoming a reality. I’m becoming the person I’ve always hoped to be and, to be honest, it feels a little surreal. There are twinkly lights above my desk. My library is newly cleaned and organized. I’m beginning to talk to a potential mentor. More friends are finally coming into my life. It’s just such a blessing to see everything start to connect in some way — I’ve felt empty for some time, wishing that the perfect version of myself would just appear to replace me. But you know, I think that perfect version is disappearing because…I’m finally becoming her.

Not too long ago, I wrote to you that I was happily placed in my Music degree. Last semester was such a whirlwind I realized I never spoke about the changes that were being made. At the time it seemed too much to handle. Now that I’m settled into a new semester and new year, it seems proper to tell you that I’m a Psychology major. Music is still one of my degrees — a minor along with History — but it’s no longer my main focus. Nothing will change my love of music, yet the time spent on it as a major needed to come to an end. I’m not sad for the transition. It’s actually been quite a relief. To me, everything that I experienced was a valuable lesson and was totally worth it.

I don’t know what you’re dealing with at the moment. It’s hard to know what’s going to happen during this new year, but I bet you a lot of good things can come out of it. So, make sure you’re doing the thing you love. Challenge yourself more often. Try new things. I’ve already bought a handful of new things that I intend on improving within this year. For instance, I…

  • Bought a bagpipe chanter to start taking bagpipe lessons.
  • Bought a book on fashion so I can learn how to build my own style.
  • Bought another book to learn how to properly clean all areas of my house.
  • Bought two books to start learning Mandarin Chinese and expand my language-learning capabilities. In fact, I intend on becoming multilingual.

Just these four simple things have encouraged me. This year will definitely be full of Purpose, Self-Care, Gratitude, and Connection.

What are you going to do with your time?

All my love,




The Joy In Wellness

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